About me

My journey into the realm of technology began with a deep-rooted passion for problem-solving and innovation, cultivated during my high school years with a specialized focus on Mathematics.
Building upon this foundation, I furthered my education at ESSEC Business School, graduating in 2022 with a specialization in data science and entrepreneurship.

Eager to immerse myself in the practical applications of data analysis, I seized the opportunity to participate in a rigorous 3-month data science Bootcamp at Le Wagon.
This intensive program equipped me with hands-on experience in data manipulation, statistical modeling, and machine learning algorithms, laying the groundwork for my journey as a data scientist.

Since then, my dedication to continuous learning has led me to explore new programming languages and cutting-edge technologies, including Python, OpenCV, and TensorFlow.
Driven by a relentless curiosity and a desire to push the boundaries of what's possible, I am constantly seeking out opportunities to apply my skills and knowledge to real-world problems.

Now, I am excited to leverage my expertise in programming, data analysis, and machine learning to contribute to a dynamic team and make a meaningful impact in the world of technology.
With a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and a knack for automating tasks and processes using programming languages, I am ready to take on new challenges and drive innovation in any role I undertake.


These are the different skillset I've acquired over the years of my academic education, but also professional & self-teaching experiences
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I've completely designed, coded and put online the Signature's Burger company website while I was working for them as a waiter.

You can access the website by clicking on the image.

I've worked on how to automate the CRM of the Alphalyr company with Hubspot and Selenium/Python while I was working as an intern for them.

You can click on the image to know more about Customer Relationship Management.

I've managed to implement a data transfer system using csv files and the sim card of phones to ease the process of calling the prospects for the company Frazer, while I was working as an intern for them

You can click on the image to know more about Data transfer.

I've designed a web browser game with my friends which led to working on a server and database management system via SQL and PHP in order to make a dynamic scoreboard.

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Automated dictionary

Using Python, Selenium and Csv/Excel

Street Fighter 3 Machine learning Agent

A mix between Reinforcement learning and botting/decision tree programming

3D printing

Figurines, blueprint models as well as Arduino projects/engineering prototypes

Botting board games

Mixing Reinforcement learning and botting to play board games such as Chess, Tarot or Cabo automatically
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